Use Your S Pen In All The Way with Galaxy Note 8

The latest smartphone of Samsung Note Series, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is coming with the stylus touting phlablet. The phone contains a beautiful curved screen of 6.3 inch, a plenty of the memory, the powerful processor Qualcomm and a large booting storage. Also it is the first one from the flagship of Samsung to feature a high definition dual camera. The features are not enough here only as there is a more about this highly efficient phone.

The wider screen of Galaxy Note 8 is referred by Samsung as the ‘Edge Panel’, which is having the curved edges to make more free space for the shortcuts on the home screen, notification and much more.

Following the ‘Settings>Display’ lets the user to manually find and select the shortcuts and various tools belong to the ‘Edge Panel’ on sides of the Galaxy Note 8.

On other side, there is an alert function which awakes the users to the incoming notifications along with glowing strip, called as ‘Edge Lighting’, which is around the phone’s screen.

The newest ‘App Pair’ is also one of the most useful features, which lets the users to launch two applications in the same split screen mode, with just a small setup.

Galaxy Note 8 inherits the debuted function on the Note 7 for translation purpose, gives a more flexibility of automatically translating the phrases, words or the whole paragraph to any language the user ask for. User has to just pull out the S Pen and tap the button ‘Translate’ from Air-Command menu, and for changing the language manually user can use the floating Translate menu. The blog will be updating for more of the ‘AI powered assistant’ shipping on the smart Galaxy Note 8.

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