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PwnFest 2016, the bug pwning celebration for better security hosted by POC has conveyed various astounding episodes like the hacking of Google Pixel under 60 seconds only. At PwnFest hacking competition, a group of white cap programmers from Qihoo 360, China stole the entire show by cracking the security systems of a number of web programs and Google’s high-end Pixel smartphone.

The Chinese team, during the PawnFest 2016, figured out how to hack the recently launched Google Pixel phone within a minute. Using undisclosed zero-day vulnerability, the Qihoo 360 team managed to grab $120,000 (around Rs. 81 lakhs) for cracking the security system of Google.

The white cap programmers of Qihoo 360 used the zero-day vulnerability to increase remote access to the Pixel smartphone. This vulnerability was utilised to install unwarranted code on the Google gadget, followed by the endeavour to open Google Play and Chrome Browser (Mobile Version). On opening Chrome, rather than the homepage, a message that read “Pwned by 360 Alpha Team” was shown on screen.

In addition to Pixel Smartphones, the Chinese developer team also able to crack the security program of Adobe Flash by a matter of fact. The team was able to install a remote code in the Pixel smartphone and under 60 seconds, they managed to hack it successfully via zero-day liability, and grabbed a whopping amount of $120,000 as cash. At the same time, the Qihoo 360 team also actually broach the security program of the Adobe Flash by embedding a decade-old disclosure method. By successfully broaching the program of Adobe Flash, the Chinese Team won a cash prize of $120,000 (roughly Rs. 81 lakhs.

The Chinese firm also demonstrated the method of hacking Microsoft Edge through vulnerabilities on Windows 10. If you count, all in all, the Qihoo 360 team gained $520,000 (around Rs. 351 Lakhs) as the cash prize for successfully hacking the most secured devices and programs in PwnFest 2016.

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