Amazon kindle ereader-SwiftNary

Amazon launched an upgraded Kindle on Wednesday with an aim to encourage the sale for an e-reader with a slimmer and light in weight device at an affordable price. The new Kindle will be available in the U.S market priced at $80, which is almost similar to the price of the previous version. But with an extra memory and features added, it is available at Rs. 5,999 and is already up for pre-orders. After registrations are closed, shipping will start on July 7.

Amazon stays committed to the e-reader market in spite of the larger use of tablet computers, which can be utilized for electronic books. Amazon stated that despite reflective smartphone and tablet screens, the high contrast touchscreen display used on kindle destroys brightness in any case, even if it is used in direct sunlight.

Amazon added in the statement that current studies have reported that evening scenario to blue light from the backlit display like smartphones and tablets can inhibit the production of melatonin from the body, a naturally generating hormone that makes the body fall asleep. As the Kindle does not emit any light, people can read anytime without missing sleep.

The new Kindle features a 6-inch display and it weighs 161 grams or 5.7 ounces. Some of the features added “export notes” which enables users to send highlights and notes from a book to email and Bluetooth audio integrated with a screen reader that can make visually impaired to listen content without using an adaptor.

In April, Amazon unveiled its top-of-the-line Kindle Oasis e-reader which is priced at $290 in the U.S.

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