Former Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri Asks For Protection from Hezbollah

Prime Minister Lebanon, Saad El-Din Rafik Al-Hariri was recently appeared in his interview on television as caring, true and caring statesman, in which he disregarded the rumors about the resignation and stay in Saudi Arabia.

Hariri seemed concerned and quite alarmed, but not because he was worried for himself, but about the country, for what he emerged that he has all rights to be. The interview was pretty cogent and broadcasted on Future Television, which is owned by Hariri only.

The interview was conducted by Paula Yacoubian, TV host, who didn’t hesitated and asked each gutsy question conceivable including Hariri was being clasped in Riyadh without willing and whether he had really been forced to vacate.

It’s a different issue, whether Hariri’s answers were true for all the counts, which will always remain debatable. obviously, he is would not be the only one politician to lie in media, so people have to focus on what he spoke at face value that particularly made it a lot about political sense.

These all seem to prove tough for him, as Hezbollah is being officially cited for killing his own father and has taken over the capital as well as the largest city, Beirut forcefully when challenged in history.

It is Given that Hariri neither agrees with attacks on a fellow Arab country and major ally such as Saudi Arabia, nor accepts responsibility for the consequences; it must be argued that it was Hezbollah, not Riyadh that forced him to step down.

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