Finland’s Birds Moving Northwards with Response to Climate Change

The birds from northern Europe were on a research which has revealed that there is a specific ongoing considerable regarding the species that turnover in response to the land use, enormously change in the climate and other influences happen directly on humans. These findings of the research have been published in Evolution and Ecology. While other findings from the Finnish species’ exhaustive survey suggest that the birdlife can be more complex than ever predicted due to the effect of change in climate. Also there are several theories that have proven that the major threats are represented by the global warming to biodiversity.

The bird species were analyzed by the investigators in the Finland region which covered 1100 km with examining the in-depth studies of bird atlas since 1974 to 1989 and 2006 to 2010. The investigators noted the turnover of these species with gaining and losing ranges observed to be an equal.  All the findings are still indicating that bird community structure is changing and evolving a complete new composition of community.

The two researchers had a study on these findings, as Raimo Virkkala and Aleksi Lehikoinen from the Natural Environment Centre and Finnish Museum of Natural History respectively. They used two bird mapping data sets for all of 235 native species of the country, comprised 300,000 square km with covering 1,100 km wide land swathe.

A co-author of these findings, Dr. Raimo Virkkala said that, “Both climate change and land use substantially modify species composition in northern Europe. In line with the observed population declines of long-distance migrants in the whole of Europe”

At the last, researchers have concluded that, “High bird species turnover observed in northern Europe may also affect the functional diversity of species communities.”


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