‘Financial Stress Highs the Risks of Migraine’ Says Semmelweis University

Researchers from the University of Semmelweis in Hungary have proved that the finance related hardship can cause the higher chances of developing the migraine in people with the variant of a particular gene. Migraine is one of the most severe and debilitating neurological disease, which affects billion of the people worldwide.

Semmelweis University’s researchers studied around 2349 patients for all associations between migraine and variants of the clock gene. This study showed the researchers that the circadian rhythms genetics have a great effect on the migraine, while the people with CLOCK gene variant may face more of the migraines because of the financial stress.

Estimation is peeped out that the migraine may leads to financial cost of around $17 billion for every year in the United States, where €27 billion a year in the European Union. Findings also proved that 1 out of 4 women and 1 out of the 12 men are the sufferers of migraine in the United States.

Daniel Baksa, from the University of Semmelweis, at Budapest in Hungary, said that, “The study does not show what causes migraine but it does show that both stress and genetics have an effect. We were able to show that stress — represented by financial hardship — led to an increase in migraine in those who have a particular gene variant. Our results shed light on one specific mechanism that may contribute to migraine. What it does mean is that for many people, the stress caused by financial worries can physically affect you.”

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