Chief executive of Uber has placed an order for immediate investigation as a female engineer alleged the company of harassment and advances from her boss.

Rigetti, the female engineer at Uber says the human resources department overlooked her grievance and this was because her boss was one of the best performers.

Rigetti, in her blog said in November 2015, she joined Uber as site reliability engineer. On the very first day, Rigetti received a string of messages from her boss on the company chat. She found the messages to be completely out of line and so took screen shots immediately.

The upper management informed her that her boss had stellar performance reviews and the remarks were an innocent mistake from him for which the management will not punish him.

Rigetti left the team, but as she tried progressing, her way was getting blocked. In fact, she was rebuffed as she pointed at a company meeting about company sexism being rampant.

In a comical moment, leather jackets were ordered by the director of engineering for site reliability engineers and later it was given to male engineers as there were very few women to consider a bulk discount on the purchase. As the numbers of men were more in numbers in the org, they got a good discount on men’s jackets and he argued it would be unfair to give women employees the leather jackets would cost more.

Kalanick instructed the company’s chief human resources officer to look into the blog post, and said such remarks will bolster the women in engineering and science, who have claimed the male-dominated atmospheres discourage talented people in seeking their careers.

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