Father and Son Died Of Double Opioid Overdose While Celebrating Family Birthday Party

A Brooklyn father and his son died after having apparent drug overdose while celebrating family birthday party on Saturday.

A 44-year-old father, Joseph Andrade and 22-year-old son, Carlos killed soon just after, excused themselves from festivities and telling family members that they were leaving for a smoke. Police reported that the son, unaware about how to use drugs, joined father, who was a reputed addict for taking strong opiates and snorting a mix of fentanyl and heroin apparently.

Jasmin Santos, Carlos’ girlfriend, who was inside the atrium of building of his father, watched him being asphyxiated and turning purple at around 3 pm. after that’s, father Joseph found a foot away from his building on 27th Street beside Fourth Avenue at Greenwood. The fraught woman instantly called 911 and then responding officers administered the drug, Narcan that reverses the overdose effects. But, at Lutheran Medical, both men died as it was too late to be treated.

Jasmin Santos told that, “Carlos was very close with his oldest son. I don’t know what they are going to do without him.”

One of the neighbors of the family, who refused to disclose his name, stated that, “The father had a problem. People knew. I was surprised Carlos was involved. He was a good son.”

Another resident bemoaned that, “That building was always fine until recently. We’ve never had anything like this before, but lately there’s been a lot of men, drinking, getting drunk outside, late into the night.”

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