In The Menlo Park, California, Facebook will add its new feature that will disable the spread of fake news as well will find and eliminate the fake accounts. The social media giant has developed algorithms that will absorb the patterns of activities, which includes the posting of some contents such as the messages and prevent them from circulating in the website.

According to Shabnam Shaik, technical program manager of Facebook said in a statement, the users of this social media, acted such as they are the responsible citizen in real life and that of in the media.

But, on the other hand, the fake accounts which do not follow this method or ideology, and thus they create and send the vicious material on the platform to create panic among the fellow users. Facebook’s goal is to keep these inauthentic accounts and get rid of them from the platform for the better good of the other authentic users or accounts.

For an example, Facebook has studied that there are more than 30,000 fake accounts in the country of France alone, and there are other countries, which have more than one can imagine. This triggered the motives of creating such like this algorithm that is used to prevent fake accounts in order to keep a stabilized social platform.

There are many news that is financially motivated, which are worse for the society, and as per the Facebook, there are many accounts in the name of several people are just exploiting this platform, which will be stopped with the use of this new steps.

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