Facebook Announced to Drop Its ‘Disputed Flags’ Feature for Fake News Identification

Giant social media network, Facebook has announced of modifying in some sorts of its combat with fake news. The company informed that it will not facilitate its feature of ‘Disputed Flags’ any more that used to recognize the fake news.

Instead of combating with misinformation popping up in News Feed, Facebook will be using its smart tool i.e. Related Article, which it refers as giving users more context regarding the narrative accompanied with the additional benefits of reduction in frequency, a hoax article is released.

The company recognized the flaw after a year of testing it thoroughly, which came over showing that the ‘Disputed Flags’ tool unintentionally entombed crucial information describing imprecision that could miscarry by establishing fake beliefs of a person.

Product manager at Facebook, Tessa Lyons said in a statement that, “Academic research on correcting misinformation has shown that putting a strong image, like a red flag, next to an article may actually entrench deeply held beliefs — the opposite effect to what we intended.”

Also the previous version of Facebook was slow that needed two fact checkers, which only supported for ‘false ratings’ instead of lengthy context such as ‘unproven´ or ‘partly false’.

Tessa Lyons continued to say that, “This will not directly impact News Feed in the near term. However, it may help us better measure our success in improving the quality of information on Facebook over time.”

Facebook has also made an announcement that it aims to better understand the way people use to determine whether data is correct based on the source of news they follow.