Facebook Amazed the Virtual Reality World by Announcing Wireless VR Headset

Facebook has announced the wireless headset with virtual reality for $200, which does not even need a smartphone to control.

The main aspect of introducing such headset with the advanced technology is to help Facebook to have virtual reality in hands of ‘a billion people’.  The CEO of the company, Mark Zuckerberg held a conference of developers hosted by its division, Oculus VR.

The Virtual reality has always been in the major focus of Facebook as well as many other tech firms including HTC and Microsoft, but uses didn’t seem to be enthusiastic.

However, analysts took a stand for adoption and reported that the headsets have been observed with two major problems, i.e. complicated setup process and high prices.

The cost of new headsets continues to drop and makes the technology to be more accessible for the variety of people. This will be a landmark for the company to set a price $200 for the new headsets, which does not require a wire, smartphone and even not any additional equipment.

Also the new Oculus Go, a standalone, all in one headset with virtual reality is all set to go on market early 2018. It is enabled of using all the applications that are available currently for the Samsung, Oculus and Gear VR headset, which need a smartphone to work. Developers will have the new Oculus Go in their hands in November for making the most specialized programs.

The vice president of content of Oculus, Jason Rubin said in a statement that, “The road to mass adoption is going to take a while. VR is just getting started. We’re going to double-down on that potential.”

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