Eight Died At Hollywood Nursing Home without Power Supply, After Hurricane Irma

According to Hollywood police, eight residents from the Hollywood Nursing Home in Florida are died at the building which is just across the hospital, without air conditioning in the morning on Wednesday.

The criminal investigation has begun by the Hollywood police, on the deaths happened in the Hollywood Hills’ Rehabilitation Center, 1200 N. 35th Ave. Also the Department of Children & Families and the Health Care Administration Agency have initiated their investigations.

Chief Tom Sanchez, the Hollywood Police Chief told that the precautionary checks would be scheduled to be done at other 42 nursing homes of Hollywood.

Those died people are listed by the office of the Broward Medical Examiner with the unconfirmed cause of the death, is such: Betty Hibbard (84); Miguel Antonio Franco (92); Carolyn Eatherly (78); Manuel Mario Medieta (96); Estella Hendricks (71); Gail Nova (71) and Bobby Owens (84).

Hamilton from Jon Hamilton reported that, “The suspicion is that these deaths should not have occurred. Apparently, the facility lost some, but not all of its power after Hurricane Irma. As of Tuesday, [the facility] was reporting that everything was OK, that they were using portable air conditioners and fans.”

After whipping by the disaster of storm-force tropical winds and Hurricane Irma, many locations in the South Florida including the nursing home have been residing there without a power supply.

According to the report on Wednesday from the Health Care Association of Florida, there are at least 150 out of 700 facilities by the nursing home around the State which were not having the full power supply.

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