Doctors Prepare for Studying Las Vegas Shooter, Stephen Paddock’s Brain

A team of doctors from the Stanford University prepares to conduct a microscopic analytical study of brain of Las Vegas shooter, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock in order to find the reason that why he committed the worst-ever mass shooting in America. Experts reported that they are unable to find single evidence behind why did Paddock shoot 58 people earlier this month in Las Vegas.

The New York Times informed that the brain will approach to California soon and will be observed to determine the Paddock’s mental health that he has any mental problems like blood vessel diseases, types epilepsy, infections, strokes, tumors or physical trauma.

The examination of the mass killer’s brain had been conducted in the past. Unfortunately it could not provide any comprehensive evidences that will help in identifying the link between mass keeling and illness in the brain.

The speculation has been focused a disease called as fronto-temporal lobar degeneration, in case of Paddock. It affects some parts of the brain that are vital contributors in social interaction and decision making. It is the disease, which is primarily used to strike the patients from an age group of 50 to 60.

These studies are not considered as the standard practices, but the president of the National Association of Medical Examiners, Brian Peterson stated that it is essential in high-profile cases like Paddock’s one, in which much more is riding on the results and all the forensic options need to be exhausted.

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