The Discovery of Mysterious Construction of the Great Pyramid

The archaeologists have recently discovered a captivating proof saying that how the Great Pyramid of Giza got constructed by ancient Egyptians by shifting 170,000 tons of limestone blocks and granite 500 miles away in Tura. The Giza’s Great Pyramid is the only survivor and oldest one from the Seven Wonders of Ancient World.

The 481 feet tall, tomb of Pharaoh Khufu was constructed in about 2,600 BC, which is the biggest one out of all pyramids and also the largest man-made monumental structure on the Earth.

It is said that the transportation was made by the ceremonial boat made by the planks and rope and the waterworks’ insightful system shed a light on this mysterious historical infrastructure.

An overseer, of a 40 elite workmen’s team in charge Merer has described that how the crew under his supervision was involved in these landscape transformation and shifted the limestone downstream to Giza from Tura. They opened the giant dykes in order to divert water from Nile and route it through canals to the pyramid.

The ancient papyrus scroll is said to be dating back to 2600BC and people believe that it is the first hand account of the mysterious construction of the Great Pyramid. The written evidences say that thousands of workers contributed in moving the 154,221,406kgs of limestone across the Nile River by the boats.

Mark Lehner, an archaeologist said in a statement that, “We’ve outlined the central basin, which we think was the primary delivery area to the foot of the Giza Plateau.”

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