Democrats and some Republicans slam new Trump backed immigration bill but Voters appreciate it

Some democrats and their proponents in the Press have condemned the RAISE Act the novel immigration reform bill initiated by Republican senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue recommended by President Trump.

The bill is racist, anti-immigrant and isolationist verbosity which is the highlight of the Trump campaign. However a recent study exhibits a wide public assistance for some of the bills important allocation. The study asked 1992 registered voters the bill provisions which are:

  1. Permit more high skilled and fewer low skilled immigrants into the country
  2. Induct a point based structure by which potential immigrants would be gauged on the basis of their English expertise, level of education and other factors.
  3. cap the number of refugees allowed in the U.S. each year
  4. Lessen the total number of immigrants who are entitled to legal permanent residence in the country to 500,000 from the current 1 million.

The result showed strong predominant support for the first three points and diversity of support for fourth. Upon asking whether attributing greater importance on an applicant’s job skills over their ties to family members in US, 56% were affirmative while 31% were negative and 13% did not know.

Upon asking the question if they assist the point based system with the criteria of education, English language fluency and prospective salary 61% said yes, 27% said no and 12% did not know. These studies show that a majority of Americans want to re align the immigration structure for high skilled workers while lessening or steadily holding the total number of immigrants. The RAISE Act appreciates popular consent and that the total immigration structure was at fault because of extensively enlarged unqualified immigration system.

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