In a special report, a major storm rages from the southern portion of the country to the northern lakes on Tuesday and even took two lives in the state of Wisconsin and Oklahoma.

The deadly storm even grows deadlier when it emerge as big tornadoes in the Midwest region, and later rushes into the Great Lakes, which on the way killed a person in Wisconsin and another person in the state of Oklahoma.

According to several reports, the person who died in the state of Wisconsin resides at a mobile park in the Barron County was a 46-year-old man who was left dead under mobile home debris. On the other hand, the person died in the state of Oklahoma was killed a housing subdivision near Elk City, which destroys at least 40 homes. But, till now none of the two dead were identified, though there were several other injured in these states, along with other states as well in the Midwest.

In some news, it was confirmed that there were several cities in the states of Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Texas, Kansas, and other locations where power cuts occurred due to the storm, and also many damaged farms with dead animals as well destroyed crops. The devastation was severe in many states, as damaged houses as well uprooted trees and poles, while in some places helicopter evacuations were necessary, but couldn’t accomplish due to the heavy storms.

Weather Department is still worrying about what next it could lead to, and they are preparing themselves to overcome the situation with all they have.

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