Deadly Earthquake on Iran-Iraq Border Killed At Least 450 and Injured 7,370 People

On Monday, Iranians excavated through wreckage in a distraught hunt for the survivors, after a deadly earthquake hit the Iraqi border and killed over 450 people, while 7,370 were injured. This was the world’s deadliest earthquake of this year.

The disaster was recorded on Sunday sat 9:18 pm and felt as far away as Pakistan and Turkey. The United States Geological Survey reported that the epicenter was just near the Iran, Ezgeleh and around 135 miles away from the northeast of Baghdad with the preliminary magnitude of 7.3. According to the Seismologists, this was the largest earthquake occurred in the western Iran.

The Tasnim News, a semi-official news agency provided a report that significantly estimated the count of dead and injured people, which is higher than the earlier death toll announced by officials as 407.

A resident from the location posted on Twitter that. “My friend was screaming, saying, ‘I lost my home. Thank God, she and her family are doing well. She said people were only mourning and their loved ones were under the rubble,”

A 30-year-old man said observing collapsed buildings, “There has been no help yet, neither food nor water, no clothing, no tents, there is nothing. There are no facilities yet. We’ve slept outside since last night. This is the condition of our homes. Our electricity, water, gas, phone lines are out, everything is completely out, the whole city has been destroyed, it is wrecked.”

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