Deadly Addiction of Sugar May Be Demolishing Its Lovers

According to some doctors, sugar can be right now the topmost killer of people in America, who are greatly addicted to it. This may be sounding like stretch, but it is claimed by researcher after a scrupulous study. A large proportion of sugar can be partially associated with various health risks such as heart disease, obesity, Diabetes and stroke, etc.

A 51-year-old, Mike Norton, who had been an athlete for the most of his life, thought that he was going with perfect plans of exercise and diet, but she met with a severe heart attack over around five years ago. He assumed that he was eating healthful and nutritious with low calories and low fat, but it carried loads of carbohydrates, which ultimately adds lots of sugar.

This is one of the most common and major symptoms of getting carbs addicted. People can’t stop eating sugary foods, especially after carb rich big meals, because carbs get turned into sugar. When sugar addicted people are just a single candy piece of candy, they feel intense cravings for more.

Mike Norton said that, “I consumed carbs all the time, not knowing that they were bad for you until I had some medical issues, then I found out otherwise. I know factually it was my diet. Load up on pasta before a run or a ride. So, that’s what I did, and I did that for decades. After I finished eating a heavy carb meal, within an hour, I was hungry, so I would eat more. And, it was self-perpetuating.”

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