Dark Nights Being Lost Due To Growing Light Pollution

Earth is forgetting the difference between day and the dark night, because of the light pollution made by artificial lights. A recent research based on satellite data found that artificially lit over the world are growing and spreading brighter and developing massive light pollution at night.

The research findings are published in the Science Advances journal, showing that what the research team called a traumatic trend, which has intimations for the human health as well as environment. an amplifying usage of is forcing the darkest nighttime Earth glow largely brighter and at the same time the volume of global light is also increasing around 2 per cent every year.

These worries supports the safety of dark skies saying that such artificial night light can impact wildlife such as migration of birds as well as keeping people from being connected to the stars. In addition, the team, all that dissipated light sent out into the space becomes effectively wastage of money.

There are very few countries showing a decreased light pollution including war-devastated Yemen and Syria, while the United States, Italy, and Spain are some of the largely brightest countries on the Earth and seemed to remain stable relatively.

A researcher from the German Research Centre for Geosciences in Potsdam, Christopher Kyba said that, “The areas that are getting brighter rapidly are developing countries. So a lot of places in South America, Africa and Asia are brightening really, really rapidly, up to 10 percent or more per year, even, in some cases.”

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