Consuming Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Daily Causes Infertility, Scientists Warn Women


Consuming sugar-sweetened beverages daily causes infertility in women; even if a partner does the same may lead to reduce ability of conceiving, according to the latest warning by researchers.

Recent study indicates that the consumption of one or more glasses of soda or sugar-sweetened drinks on daily basis if done by both or any one of the partners can reduce the conception chances by 20 per cents in couples. The research found that one soda glass a day lowers the fecundability by 25 per cent in women, while the same if consumed by men causes 33 per cent reduction in the chances of fecundability.

Professor Elizabeth Hatch, a leading author of the study from the Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) stated that, “We found positive associations between intake of sugar-sweetened beverages and lower fertility, which were consistent after controlling for many other factors, including obesity, caffeine intake, alcohol, smoking, and overall diet quality.”

Associated researchers followed 3,828 women and also 1,045 males partners of them with the help of Pregnancy Study Online (PRESTO), which is an ongoing prospective cohort study based on web aimed at couples from North American.

Findings of the research have been disclosed in the Epidemiology journal, which are authored by Elizabeth Hatch. Dr. Hatch added in a statement that, “Couples planning a pregnancy might consider limiting their consumption of these beverages, especially because they are also related to other adverse health effects.”