Climate Changes Causing Starve To Bamboo Lemurs and Forcefully Changes Their Dietary Habits

A recent international research warns that one of the most endangered species of primates, known as ‘bamboo lemurs’ may be forced to change their dietary patterns due to climate changes, which causes them to starve slowly. All the findings of the research are published in the Current Biology journal that have analyzed the paleontological data and anatomic behavioral of bamboo lemurs accompanied with the climate data.

These Lemurs exclusively eat almost one species of bamboo, which also includes a woody trunk, called as culm. They mostly prefer more tender and nutritious bamboo shoots and chew the culms by using their specialized teeth sometimes when it’s necessary, mostly during the dry climate.

According to the researchers studying on this issue, notify that if Earth’s climate changes, the bamboo lemurs will moderately be forced to set their diet based on just culms for longer time that could starve them slowly.

Researchers have a collection of more than 2000 observational feedings in total. These findings point that bamboo lemurs used to spend 95 percent of time of their feeding routine in eating just one species of woody trunk.

Patricia Wright from the Stony Brook University in the United States stated that, “This is why, for extreme feeding specialists like the greater bamboo lemur, climate change can be a stealthy killer. Making the lemurs rely on a suboptimal part of their food for just a bit longer may be enough to tip the balance from existence to extinction.”

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