By Chloe: New York’s Hippest Vegan Restaurant Is Arriving in London

The hippest, Ultra-cool vegan cafe in New York, United States is coming to London. it is the scale buzz over the launch of the first international branch of By Chloe, a plant-based fast casual restaurant. It has planned to be opened at the Covent Garden in central London by January 2018.

They keep themselves apart from all other eateries with the aim of ‘offering a fast-casual experience for delicious food at a quick pace and reasonable price point, with full-service sensibilities.’ but, the question remains that why they chose London for this fast branch cafe outside of New York.

The Co-founder of By Chloe, Samantha Wasser told reporters that, “London seems like a perfect fit for our first international location. The thriving dining scene, the culture and the fashion all make London the ideal city filled with diners with a growing curiosity for vegan and plant-based cuisine.”

As the number of vegans in the United Kingdom have risen about 360 per cent since past ten years, definitely there appears to be growing hunger for the plant-based cuisine among Brits. In addition, many people who aren’t strict vegans still enjoy meat- and dairy-free food from time to time, like engaging with Meat-Free Monday.

Wasser added that, “People are becoming increasingly interested in the food they are consuming, where it comes from and how it’s made. A plant-based diet helps to reduce your carbon footprint and helps to support a healthy lifestyle. At the end of the day, it’s delicious and that is what matters most.”

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