Care By Volvo Subscription Program Starting At $600 A Month

Volvo, a Swedish multinational automaker company made an announcement about the new Care By Volvo subscription program on Wednesday at the Los Angele Auto Show. The new program is all inclusive and non-negotiable subscription service, which starts online.

the subscription plan for the Care By Volvo kicks off the 2019 XC40 Compact SUV, which has due in merchants  this spring, while prices are starting at $600 a month (exclusive of all taxes and registration costs). This may appear steep to a low premium crossover, still the dollar numbers includes telematics-based concierge service, insurance, all maintenance and roadside assist, right down to allowances for tire damage and wheel, not mentioning wear items such as brakes, wipers and tires.

The terms of program involves duration of 24 months, 15,000 miles a year, and can come up with few mobile phone agreements, in which customers will get an option to replace vehicles and signature on the new term of 24 months after 12 months, since there is no down payment required.

Atif Rafiq, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer at the Group Information Technology, Volvo Car AB, AB Volvo (publ) and Volvo Car, said in a statement that, “What we think is lacking today is there’s ways to simplify getting your hands on a car, like getting a lease. But a subscription is entirely different that because it solves for a bunch of wider things in actually owning a car. It’s not just getting the car, it’s maintaining it, and it’s paying for additional things it needs like insurance. That’s all that in one flat fee is something simpler but is also more transparent.”


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