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Amazon accompanied by Flipkart and Snapdeal were the most favoured e-commerce websites among all sellers with the highest of the mind think, a recent study has unveiled. The results which found from a study conducted by Nielsen for the January-March quarter reviewed 1,184 sellers.

It has found that 39% of online sellers want to choose two or more e-Commerce websites and explore them to grow their business. According to the report, a high level of closeness along with in-depth knowledge of an e-commerce website is the most significant factor that rides brand equity. While Amazon had on the top of the mind recall with 25%, followed by Flipkart (21%) and Snapdeal (20%), a report stated.

Dolly Jha, executive director of Nielsen India said that with the e-commerce industry developing in double digits, there is the rise in demand by consumers, and a growing online seller category that is rendering supply on portals. Jha added that to maintain the balance state between demand and supply, it is important for them to concentrate on developing a welcome platform for online sellers in the country. Sellers are also progressively recognising when it comes to fulfilling their customer and reach business needs.

The first wave of the newly revealed study was organised in 16 markets with a population of above 10 lakh, and a sample size of 1,184 responders. It focuses on understanding the tendency and experience of selling products on these platforms. The study also estimates the brand equity of e-commerce websites amongst connected online sellers, and of those who mean to sell their products online in the upcoming months.

Jha said, “Considering the juncture at which the category is, it is now very critical for e-tailers to understand the push and pull factors that make sellers pick one website over the other.”

Other main factors that affect brand equity are the clear perception of the e-retailers like they give help to the sellers to stay to the point and ahead of the competition, provide the new market chance and also minimise costs to cover more customers. In the context of overall awareness, 86% responders in the study selected Amazon, 82% chose Flipkart and 75% supported Snapdeal, followed by some other e-commerce websites, As per the study, aim to sell products on this website, which was also a fundamental factor, seemed Flipkart (58%) on the top followed by 55% amazon as the leading brands.

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