Rs 2000 New Note India

Demonetisation and the launch of new currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 2000 have been subjective to numerous chitchats and gossips since their introduction earlier one month. Right after the rumour of new 2000 notes being printed in radioactive ink, a new story is taking the social media by the storm which is quite shocking and fantastical too.

According to a recently published report by ‘The Hindu,’ the new 2000 rupees notes are crumbling automatically. The bulletin also said about a woman from Kerala who is the eyewitness of this incident. As per the report, a woman from Mukkola, Kerala withdrew five Rs 2,000 notes from a Federal Bank branch in Taliparamba in Kannur district and few hours after the withdrawal, the notes started crumbling from the edges. The notes were withdrawn by the wife of PC Shareefa, a resident of Mukkola.

The report published in The Hindu stated that, a woman from Kerala’s Kannur who withdrew five new Rs. 2000 notes from a bank and only after an hour, the notes allegedly started crumbling from the sides automatically. The lady’s son said the money was taken from the bank after hours of standing in queues in front of the bank in Kerala. But unfortunately, they are now unable to use the note.

On this matter, PC Shemeel, the son of Shareefa said, “I found the note disintegrating while giving it. Now, the notes couldn’t be used as standard currency notes as its edges are completely burnt. He also alleged the rest three notes to be found in the same condition. As all of the notes are now in bad conditions, the family is now unable to use them.

Some people also took the social media to share this shocking news. As soon as the news posted on the internet, people started sharing it on various platforms and soon it took the entire social media by storm.

A few weeks earlier, a message is found circulating WhatsApp and Facebook alleging the new Rs. 2000 notes to be printed with “radioactive isotope ink” followed by the rumour of the same note containing a hidden GPS Chip.

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