Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the US President-elect, met the top executives of Silicon Valley today for embarking in new technology and creating more employment. The list of Silicon Executives included the CEOs of the topmost tech companies of the globe. Today the leaders of America’s most leading technology giants including Google’s co-founder Larry Page, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, COO of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg, Indo-American CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and chief executive officer of Amazon Jeff Bezos met up newly elected President of USA, Donald Trump at Trump Tower.

The aim of the conference was to discuss and embark on new technology and innovations, and creating more employments in the field of technology in coming years. After the winning of Trump, this is the first high-profile meeting of him with tech leaders.

Back in November, when Trump was campaigning for his presidential post, Silicon Valley Leaders tremendously supported and promoted Trump’s challenger, Hillary Clinton. So, everyone was expecting the summit to be a little bit awkward for the CEOs of Silicon Valley. However, if we keep this fact aside, the meeting is the first step towards inventing a new mutual affiliation between Trump’s government and the tech industry which since past few years have maintained an overwhelming influence over the economy and society of America.

Commencing the summit, US President-elect greeted the tech leader with his speech which started with “I am here to help you folks do well.”

As said by the transition team in a media readout, the primary aim of this meeting was to initiate a collaborative discussion and affiliation between both the government and the tech industry in order to develop new technology and innovation for creating more jobs in the US, especially for the working Americans.”

During the Tech conference, Donald Trump and the CEOs of Tech Companies discussed many topics and concerns creating more employment opportunity for Americans, reducing the hurdles that are preventing US-based companies to run business overseas, the competitive trade dynamic of the nation, cutting tax, and giving market access to China. The discussion also involves the issues like enhancing the technical and digital infrastructures, and defending academic property locates in the USA.

During the assembly, Trump also articulated an open-minded enthusiasm to pay attention to the reports and statements of Silicon Valley leaders, and also praised the attendance of the industry leaders in the congregation.

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