Blue Origin Is Launching the New Shepard Sub-Orbital Spacecraft

Blue Origin, an American private funded aerospace maker and spaceflight service organization owned by Jeff Bezos, the founder, has recently launched the new reusable Shepard sub orbital test flight from the west Texas launch site of the company on Tuesday.

The company has made this major move in order to boost an unpiloted crew capsule for the brief foray out of a dense lower atmosphere into the space before a parachute descending to Earth.

Meanwhile, the booster jumped to the launching site tail first with re-starting the BE-3 main engine fueled with hydrogen to slow it down and deploying its four legs by managing to an ideal touchdown on a disc shaped landing pad.

The statement released by the company nearly 11 hours right after launching the flight says that the New Shepard’s suborbital test flight, ‘Mission 7’ went as scheduled, with the help of a new crew capsule and propulsion module.

Chief executive officer of Blue Origin, Bob Smith said in a statement that, “Today’s flight of New Shepard was a tremendous success. It marks the inaugural flight of our next generation Crew Capsule as we continue step-by-step progress in our test flight program.”

The spaceflight lifted off at 11:59 am from the test site of the company located in West Texas, meeting a top altitude of about 100 kilometers with the highest speed during the ascent of Mach 2.94.

The propulsion module has done a powered vertical landing during when the crew capsule was descending under parachutes and touched down 10 min and 6 sec after the liftoff.