Black And White Racism Happening in United States

It has revealed by the study of Pew Research Center that there is a wide gap of 30% point rather more than that for separating black and white Americans’ opinions. The controversy takes place whether the black people are treated unfairly in the court system, handling by the polis and when they apply for the loans. Also they face the partiality in restaurants and workplaces.

As the sources reported that the non-white civilians face more racial discrimination than that of the white civilians. The black Americans commonly called non-whites are a group of American civilians, which includes Hispanics, Native Americans, and Asian Americans, Black people, Pacific Islander and other races.

On other hand, 87% of black Americans say that the black people have lotof discrimination in United States, whereas only 49% of white Americans have the same opinion about themselves. This research has been declared by February poll from the Public Religion Research Institute.

Also there is a huge difference made by the non-white people about Donald Trump’s presidency. According to tracking data of Gallup, the black Americans have a point of view that Donald Trump, president of America and Barak Obama, the former president of America had 46% approval of vote among white Americans. It also showed that there were only 15% of black Americans who approved Trump’s presidency, while 73% of black people supported with their approval to Obama.

The reporters say that comparatively black Americans take this issue of racism based on black and white skinned people more seriously than that of white Americans.

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