Binge-Watching is Worse for Your Health

The researchers released a survey of individual on their television- watching habits, the frequency of their binge-watching sessions, and their sleep routine and quality. According to the scientists, some shows like Orange, House of Cardsand Game of Thrones are dangerous for your health than viewing the same amount of regular TV.

Collins Dictionary has declared “binge-watch” the word of the year for 2015.

Around 81 percent of participants said they have binge-watched a show, and 40 percent of that group said they binge- watched a show in the month prior to the study.More than 400 young people those who binge watched reported poorer sleep quality, more fatigue, study says.

This is because fans get involved in their favorite shows. Most binge able shows end with thrillers or an uncompleted plot theme, so they get addicted to their favourite shows compromising on their sleep.

This can lead to increased mental arousal that means being mentally alert-is the mechanism keeping them awake. There are huge chances facing physical and mental health problems like reduced memory and learning ability, obesity and high blood pressure.

According to Lead author Liese Exelmans, a researcher at the University of Leuven’s School for Mass Communication, Belgium, Bingeable TV shows have storylines that keep the watcher tied to the screen. She found that the more often young people binge-watch, the higher their cognitive pre-sleep arousal.

When viewers want to go to sleep they become intensely involved with the content and may keep thinking about it.

So, based on this research, it is necessary to document the risk factors for poor sleep including binge viewing.

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