Recently, a Muslim-American woman in New York was supposedly thrown out of a bank for putting on a hijab. In addition, the bank staff had also threatened her that they would call the police in case she does not take that hood off.

A couple of days ago, Jamela Mohamed had visited one of the branches of South Credit Union, with the purpose to make the payment of her car. As a matter of fact, Jamela is an American and also has a membership of the credit union. Fortunately, she had recorded some part of the incident on her smart phone, which gives proof of the unashamed discrimination going on in the United States.

In this regard, she said that since it was a Friday, therefore she had to put on that hood over the sweater she was wearing. On the Fridays, it becomes essential to put on the hijab, particularly for offering the weekly prayers.

He also added that she was completely aware with the bank security policy, and this is the reason why she went back to her car in order to take her headscarf, which is also known as the hijab. Interestingly, two men inside the bank had baseball caps on their head; but in this case, the bank staff didn’t ask them to take off the caps. So, this shows the discriminatory side of the bank. Even though she was showing her face while keeping her hijab on, but the bank staff was still adamant about this whole issue.

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