Apple’s Swift Programming Language to Enter Google’s Fuchsia OS

Google has been working on its latest real-time operating system, which is designed to support on various form factors, since over a year on. People have gone through the early glimpse of this UI and now Google is focusing on its endeavor to support Apple’s Swift Code, which is an intuitive and muscular programming language, created by Chris Lattner and used for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS.

Chris Lattner, who is currently working at Google Brain on machine learning, noted after a stint held last week at tesla that, “Swift at Google has enough folks working on it.” at which nub, the company chose to clone it publically.

A Web-based repository hosting service on GitHub noted that “exists to allow Googlers to collaborate and stage pull requests against the official Swift repository.”

Such clarification by Lattner followed by other engineers at Google started noting the way of running swift they used. A person commented, who is working on Fuchsia that, “Google is adding support to Swift to target Fuchsia.” various codes commit confirm that the work is still in progress along with a plenty of discussions underway.

Fuchsia is currently supporting applications that are written in Dart language by Google, while holding Flutter for its user interface.

Assuming the comapany succeeds the inclusion of Swift support, could definitely charm Apple developers to port or create apps whenever Fuchsia gets finally emerged. However, there have been various third party efforts to code Android applications in Swifts.

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