Apple Introduces the New iPhone Dongle with a Headphone Jack and Charging Port

Apple has recently launched its iPhone dongle which allows the users to charge phone while listening music via the headphones provided along with it. This dongle has been in process since a year that has now replaced the previous unrefined solutions, which required many adapters for single phone to allow users to do the things which they can easily do with the earlier models of iPhone.

After the release of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the company removed 3.5 mm headphone jack rom the phones, so that the users had to use the earphones with lightning connectors or the wireless earphones. Also the third party accessories such as lightning to 3.5 mm converters that enables the iPhone to use 3.5 mm earphones. But the company hadn’t launched any of 3.5 mm jack accessory or charging port until now.

This new dongle lets users to use the aux cable of their cars, when phone is on charging. The users are cable of navigating via their iPhones, while listening to music and charging the phone at the same time. Since, the dongle has been made up of plastic and it costs for $35.

The new iPhone adapter is not having any double – dangling like previous version of two Lightning ports. The jack headphones of this dongle can’t be used as headphone splitter.

Belkin reports that sit is strictly followed that the Lightning connector should be used only for charging and syncing. If user plugs Lightning Ear Pods or iPhone dongle into it but nothing happens. Still, the phone keeps playing music until the 3.5 mm jack connected to the headphones.

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