Andy Rubin, co-founder of Android reveals his remedies to cure the Smartphone addiction

When Andy Rubin founded the Android, he must have prided himself on the fact that the smartphone era he has ushered will change people’s lives forever. It has certainly changed people’s lives but to be precise more on the negative side. People have become addicted to the android and seem to be forgetting that to be human is to communicate face to face with each other. However, this trend is increasing the anti-social behavior amongst the people that may not be a good bargain for the future generations.
His company which is called Essentials is trying to find out ways to solve the tendency to check one’s phone every five minutes. Essentials first gadget is known as Essential phone. It is not the byproduct of Apple, Samsung or any Chinese brand. It entails a mirrored ceramic back, titanium edges, a display that incorporates most the phone’s front and a magnetic connector for a new world of accessories and hardware enhancement.

Rubin knows that Essential faces dreadful competition especially from Apple and Samsung. As he commends the formers brand power and latter’s vertical integration, he said, “Every saturated market needs a disruption. When there’s a duopoly, that’s the time to do it.”

He also said further that it is best to observe Essential’s first phone as a starting point as it operates the same Android OS as Google’s pixel, not a fundamental variation. He said that technology will come at a later stage where artificial intelligence will transform the way people collaborate with their devices.

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