Aliens exist? Alien searchers find ‘Hairy spider monkey’ and ‘slug animal’ on Mars

UFO hunters have become highly active these and are daily coming up with something that hints toward the existence of alien life. This time, aliens hunters have discovered living creatures on the red planet and many conspiracy theorists claim it to be the ultimate proof of aliens.

Editor of UFO Sightings Daily, Scott C Waring claims to have discovered a four-legged alien creature on Mars which appears like a hairy spider monkey. The species is standing with support of its longer upper arms and shorter lower legs. The UFOlogist then zoomed in the image and threw some light upon to find two distinct eyes in the image. Waring says that the creature is watching the Mars rover while NASA spacecraft was busy in clicking images.

Waring has also discovered some other objects to prove aliens live on Mars which include a slug animal on the Red Planet which shows different kind of species thrive on Martian surface, a face sculpted on a rock which only an intelligent lifeform could have made, a snail —  another species living on Mars, some sculptures carved on rock and some unique designs have been spotted by the alien seeker.

All these findings suggest that alien life that lives on Mars is intelligent and cultured like humans on Earth or else they could not have made such distinct sculpturs or face on rocks.

Waring preached that ‘the public no longer needs to depend on the US government to drop feed’ them ‘information about life on Mars and other celestial bodies. We are taking the initiative and we have proven on this site that life exists a thousand times over,’ he writes.

‘Somewhere along the line, Americans got lost and began depending on the government for all their important information…but some information is a threat to national security…such as UFO technology and alien intelligence, so they can’t announce it.’ He went on to say, ‘What would happen if Taiwan found out about aliens and got some of their DNA and began cloning aliens so that they could help Taiwan become more power nation. That would be a game changer. Tilting the scale of power from the big countries to the smallest. We no longer need to depend on our government for knowledge. We have each other, and that gives us more hard working people and more in-depth research results.’

Earlier, alien hunters have spotted several objects to prove alien life on Mars including insects near Curiosity rover, UFO near ISS, carved face monument on Mars, alien missile on Mars, Greek God Pan, Machine used by aliens, two strange artifacts, gold ring and alien gloves, Gautam Buddha statue, and much more including alien city, drone, goblin face, etc. All these things point towards the alien life on the red planet.

Some also claim that the US space agency NASA can not ignore such things and they know that aliens do live but they are hiding it from us. However, NASA unofficially claimed it to be Pareidolia — a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists.

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