Airbus come accompanying innovative structure


Airbus come accompanying innovative structure, Hence plane manufacturer Airbus and seat maker Zodiac Aerospace companies are working to develop “sleeping berths.” It could be installed in the cargo holds of certain long-range Airbus aircraft.

They say the cargo compartment modules would “offer new opportunities for additional services to passengers, improving their experience while enabling airline to differentiate and add value for their commercial operations.”

The companies say they hope to offer the option to airlines for orders beginning in 2020. Initially, the sleeper modules would be offered on Airbus’ A330 wide bodies. Adding the option to Airbus new long-range A350 jets “is also being studied.”

It is not clear till how the sleeper berths might be offered to passengers. Decisions on how to market and sell such options are typically left up to airline customers. “The modules would not be occupied during takeoff or landing.”

Some higher-end carriers might explore the idea as a possibility to add a lounge area, where one of the perks could be a nap. It comes up with several concept as standard lounge, a conference room, a “kids and family zone” and even a “medical care zone.”

The berths are unlikely to become an option for the entire duration of a flight. It also seems unlikely that a passenger would want to commit to a sleeper berth for flights of eight hours or more without a dedicated option for upright seating, or windows.

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