A 66 Million Year Old Skull of Triceratops Found By the Construction Crew in Colorado

A skeleton of triceratops found on Friday, while a construction crew was digging the holes for a new building of public safety, located on Quebec Street in Thornton and it is likely said to be of around 66 million years older.

According toJoe Sertich, a paleontologist from Denver Museum of Nature and Science curators of dinosaurs, this skeleton is one of the three triceratops skulls ever discovered in the Colorado’s Front Range area only.

Sertich was brought by officials of Thornton to fix the discovery and start working on excavating the skull on Monday to the location on where the skull was unearthed. Apart from this skeleton, the most of others found in the Front Range, belong to the last ice age of around 10000 to 12000 years back.

Joe Sertich said in statement,“I’m over the moon right now that this is a dinosaur fossil. A lot of times these will be plowed up and they won’t be recognized. And we’re really lucky in this case that it was recognized as fossils and we got the call and were out here and able to salvage the site, and actually collect these fossils.”

Researchers study says that the triceratops might be weighted around six tons and were long as thirty feet and more than ten feet tall.According to the researchers, the fact sheet of National Geography says that the giant triceratopses were fond of eating meats by using their beak like mouth and sharp teeth. Joe Sertich claims that this one is the skull of the triceratops of which could be the half in size of those triceratopses who lived in the north region of Dakotas and Montana.

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