A-25-year-old Bodybuilder died due to a Strict Diet

A 25-year-old Meegan Hefford, a mother of two and Australian bodybuilder, died after an overdose of protein shakes.A mother of a 7-year-old daughter and 5-year-old sonwas found unconscious on June 19 in the coastal city of Mandurah.

She was swiftly losing brain activity and quickly shifted to the hospital. Two days later, she was discovered with brain dead and “urea cycle disorder.”It is a genetic disorder which is caused by a mutation and results in an inadequacy of enzymes in the urea cycle. Urea cycle disorders can occur in both children and adults.

According to Hefford’s mother, Michelle White, she was following the strict diet while she was planning for a bodybuilding competition in September. She was going to the gym twice a day. Her family members said that they found half a dozen several containers of protein supplements in her house.

The supplements she was injecting and shakes were purchased online as there are not adequate limitations.White warned her daughter that she is doing too much at the gym and try to moderate it. She started to feel unconscious and suddenly collapsed.

“People should stick to a balanced diet”, said Australian Medical Association WA president Dr. Omkar Khorshid. According to him the protein supplement industry is just only trying to make money for the companies which sell the products and not providing any health welfare for people.A health expert says taking over dose of supplements is very risky.

Her mother can’t believe that her daughter is gone as it was an unexpected incident for her. But she is being positive that at least she spent 25 years with her.

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