Surprising Facts behind Certain Amount of Water Consumption


The most common belief among all the people is that drinking plenty of water a day is essential for being hydrated besides an argument that how much actually one needs to drink.

According to scientists, human bodies consist as more as 69 per cent of water, as H2O is definitely the most crucial component in humans’ lives, still there is no clear theories about a daily ideal proportion of water consumption required to thrive and survive.

Usually, people think that for better health and body hydration, drinking eight ounces or two litters of water is necessary, but scientists denied that. many of the researchers  concluded that humans don’t really need this much water, since they have yet to consent the perfect amount drinking water on daily basis.

Actually, human bodies don’t utilize certain amount of consumed water. It is because of various reasons, one of which is that human bodies receive much of the water through their food. If plenty of raw vegetables and fruits eaten, a lot of water is probably obtained from it, but if not, one has to drink more water.

Non-alcoholic drinks also are the good source of water, therefore it is needed to factorize in as well. Also a proper regimen of exercise has great impact on functioning off of the consumed water, as a lot of exercise needs a lot of water, which is then discharged through sweat, but if not done at all, a lot more water retains.