215th Android Apps Weekly Is Here: Top 5 Exclusive Android Apps Must Be Downloaded This Week

Here is the 215th Android Apps Weekly describing a lot Google stuff, couple of fun games and more news for Android games and apps.

First one is about ‘Android 801’, which is rolled out this week with some new change to it. These new changes include an innovative way to handle the notifications. Now, apps can send notifications just once per second.  This ability allows the phone to fix a persistent problem of notification tons ringing in at once and really becomes annoying. Now, notifications will be still flowing at their normal rate, but won’t ring off like often.

Next is ‘Google abandoning Nik’ this week. DxO has purchased the brand from Google. But Snapseed is kept by Google for sure. DxO prepares some strategies to carry on with development of the Nik Collection and take over the Nik PC software. its free right now to download from their official website. Since, DxO has promised to introduce new software soon in 2018, but the company hasn’t released yet more details about it.

Third news comes as ‘Google declared the new security endeavor for apps this week’ with fairly simple terms. The company will give rewards to security researchers, if they find any security hole in high profile applications. Google just want bugs be fixed, instead of knowing about the bugs. This will be beneficial for Google as fixed security holes will make the Android as well as Play store a safest place for its users. It’s a lucky-go for all these apps and Google.

Fourth is about ‘WhatsApp announcing a new big feature’ this week. it will include an ability to delete the messages globally. Though, it also has a caveat that deleted messages will leave a space in chat. There will a message as well to let others know that deletion has taken place. So, the update is still not useful to fix a minor faux pas.

The last one is ‘Google releases latest 50 Google Assistant commands for children’ this week. The smart phone stuff is basically not for children. So, this new big drop of stuff that is kid-friendly released by Google to make entire-family kind of thing. Most of these commands include fun activities, kid-friendly games.

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